Robert Costa Weight Loss

The 31-years-old American journalist Robert Costa has recently appeared with an impressive physique and revealed the secret of his weight loss.

The orientation of Robert is very impressive throughout his career.

Robert Costa

His achievements in just 31 years age are adorable.

He is the guy who has interviewed Donald Trump many times.

The nick name of Robert is Costa, he is an American Journalist and Political analyst.

Robert is well known by The Media Savvy, Fresh Perspectives, Political Knowledge, Political Reporter For The Washington Post And Political Analyst For MSNBC, And NBC News.

He was born on October 14, 1985 in the United States (Richmond, Virginia)

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Robert skills and flair of journalism has noted during his high school days.

The reporter as “The Bucks Courier Times”.

He has mostly done the job of an interviewing musician and bands, Not only the job of interview he also covered the information about local Sport for student television.

Earning: In the Philadelphia area, he had earned $50 per article through Reviewed concerts.

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You should always be a professional and remember crucial parts of your life, such as the family, faith, and all of your friends.

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They are non-political people, which I used to talk all of the time in a day.

Robert Costa Statistics:

Height of the body: 5’8’’

Weight of the body: There is no any information available regarding weight.

Despite body measurement, his eyes color is black and hair color is light brown.

Age: 32 years

How He Responses The Negative Comments By Critics?

Robert said: when people are going to attack my writing so I usually ignore that comment and don’t allow myself to engage on these negative stuff.

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Everyone is not going to love what you write, especially in the Trump era, so it is better to have a thick skin.

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But the comments and rumors are not too much nasty regarding to his professional and personal life, so he never faced any controversy.

The reason is that he completely focuses on his work, rather than other stuff.

“Pacing yourself is a key to proceed a career in the Journalism”

Social Media Status:

Despite a journalist, his social media profile is more active and he is regularly posting on his accounts on social media like Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

He has 373, 210 followers on Twitter,  3.7k followers on Instagram, and around 11k followers on the Facebook.

Robert is earning handsome amount of money by his profession and salary is still unknown.

Robert Costa lives a very private life and kept away his personal life from his professional life.

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There are some reports in which discuss that he is married and have kids, but we don’t have any evidence to confirm this report.

Robert Has Revealed That How He Lost His Weight?

Recently, you may see the many changes that are quite visible on his face as well as the body.

In the interview, he said that he lost his weight through dieting rather than exercising.

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Robert Costa now comes with more impressive and better appearance than ever.

Being a journalist and a busy man, he has not any enough time to do exercises.

He usually accelerates his weight loss through the dieting without giving a priority to exercise


We do not know the actual diet plan of Robert Costa.

But in the interview, he has mentioned about the drinks.

His diet drink is Diet Coke And Seltzer Water

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My day usually starts at 5:30 a.m. I wake up, done showering, take a brush, read the newspaper, and read the papers particularly “Morning Joe”.

Then I had some breakfast and entered to the newsroom and a day ended up around 8 or 9’o clock.

Seltzer Water:

The seltzer water is usually plain and manufacturing has done with artificially carbonated.

Firstly, it was introduced as an alternative to sparkling mineral water and today It is an economical option.

Your body almost consists of 60 percent of water.

Seltzer water helps to flourish out the toxins and help to lose the weight.

Diet Coke:

The diet coke is made up of carbonated water, aspartame, natural flavors, phosphoric acid, caffeine, and potassium benzoate.

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Someone who doesn’t go long without a coke, so diet coke is best because it is a sugar-free drink and comes with a light-calorie.

Diet coke is available in the different forms and usually, people drink it to stimulate the weight loss.

Diet Work A Lot For Weight Loss As Compare To Exercises:

This statement is completely true, More than half, diet depend upon losing of weight.

The Washington Post's Robert Costa joins Morning Joe to talk with Mike Barnicle

Practically, it is the most important statement when it comes to the health and fitness.

The exercise does not give more result because we spend to eat most of the calories every day around 77 hours and just lose 1 kg of fat whereas managing the diet can give you a lot of results.

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What Can We Learn From Robert Costa?

We can learn a lot of great points from Robert Costa.

First of all, you can get all of the achievements and fame through hard work and dedication.

Never give up whatever the situation, always try your best.

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If we focus on the weight loss, so it is an open example for all of those who want to lose weight.

You can lose weight whatever the situation.

The type of work, availability of time, and lifestyle does not matter.

All you need to is just regulate your diet habits for initiating the process of weight loss.

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